Life Update Spring 2018

To say we have been busy is definitely an understatement.

Last week, I finally got into the doctor to see what my back pain is from.

Back story:

For about 11 years I have been dealing with this severe burning pain in my right shoulder blade region. Here is a picture for reference. Red is where I experience pain.

In 2011, I went to the doctor for this same pain. The doctor told me I was much too young for any serious issues. He told me I had bursitis and prescribed me this contraption.

Yes it literally feels like you are trying to kill yourself. I tried it one time. It was awkward and didn’t relieve the pain. Since then I have been dealing with this pain. It use to be once in awhile, but it has gradually became more consistent. It primarily triggers/flares with too much overhead arm movements and slouching (at a desk, table, etc).

Now that I started working again, my pain has dramatically gotten worse/constant. I have constantly been asking my husband to rub my back in hopes of it calming down the pain. Normally it doesn’t do much. I decided to go ahead and get a professional massage a couple of weeks ago. The massage felt so good! My massage therapist told me my muscles were pretty ticked off at me.

I have had to miss work, or leave early because of my pains. I know that doesn’t look good and I didn’t want them thinking I was just a slacker. So, I made an appointment to be seen.

On Wednesday (last week), I finally got back into the doctor, a new doctor. He told me my muscles were very tense and he wouldn’t be surprised if they were pinching some nerves. I always had the assumption it was a pinched nerve, with the burning feeling and numbness on a part of my spine. He recommended several things; a myofascial ball, muscle relaxers, physical therapy, and dry needling.

He prescribed me a muscle relaxer and gave me a recommendation for physical therapy.

That same day (Thursday), after already seeing the doctor, I began having severe stomach problems. I thought maybe it was my gall bladder. So, I had to go back to the doctor the next day. He decided it was reflux and gave me medication for that.

Friday, I had my first physical therapy appointment. They did my exam to figure out a treatment plan. I now get to attend physical therapy 3 times a week, for who knows how long. I am trying to decide between taking a leave of absence from work or if it is feasible to just quit all together. Granted, I don’t want to quit because I like the benefits and having adult interactions. I genuinely like my job and the people I work with. It is all up in the air right now.

P.S. the muscle relaxers have not affected me whatsoever. I was told it should help, but it hasn’t made a difference or relieved the pain.

Amongst all the health chaos going on, we will finally be closing on our new house next week! I am so over this apartment situation! It cannot come fast enough!

Pickle is almost finished with preschool for the year. We signed him up to play tball starting in June. He is excited. I am eager to see how he does. He has come so far just from going to preschool. I think it will be a good Summer activity for him.

Anyways, that is *mostly* what is going on with me. What is going in with you?

I hope you are all having a lovely day!


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