What Vacation?

One of my spring bucket list goals was to go on a vacation this month.

We had booked a trip to Colorado and then canceled it. Then we booked a trip to California and I canceled that one too. Luckily I did because I didn’t foresee what was going to happen this past week.

Originally, we both had taken this week off because we were going to be moving to one of the other houses that we had and then lost. We decided to keep the vacation time and that we would try to go somewhere exciting. Chris decided only to take half of the week instead so we could use the other half for moving to the house we are now getting.

On Tuesday, Chris broke his hand at work. He got his hand smashed between a dumpster and the lockbar (from my understanding). We spent Tuesday afternoon at the emergency room where we learned he did in fact break it, at least in two spots. Fortunately, it was a clean break and his bones are still perfectly aligned. Which means he doesn’t have to have surgery. Yay. It also means he cannot work until we learn his restrictions (Monday). Fortunately, we did not have a vacation lined up anymore because if he does have to be out of work for 4 to 6 weeks, he will only get a percentage of his pay.

So, we had a stay-cation. Which, actually wasn’t too eventful.

We ran errands and a went on a couple random shopping trips. We had a picnic at the lake.

I put together some prize baskets for Pickle’s school carnival and delivered those. I had my weekly profile appointment and we went out to lunch a few times.

The highlight of my week was Thursday when I got a massage. I have never had a professional massage before, but I thought it would maybe help my pinched nerve in my back. It was amazing! I can’t wait to go back for another!

This morning we got up early. Well, early for me and the kids. We participated in a 5k walk with our 2 best friends. It was colder than I thought it was going to be today. I am just glad it didn’t rain or snow.

We started at 910a.m. I was surprised at how well Pickle did. I was expecting him to want to be carried most of the way. He only was carried maybe twice for about 5 minutes each. Once we got to the end, we decided to run across the finish line (it was a bridge) together. We wound up finishing right under 1 hour. I think that’s pretty good for having 2 kids with us (one in the stroller).

We all went out to brunch afterwards. It is always a good time with our friends, never a dull conversation. Now we are home and both kids are passed out next to me on the bed.

Later tonight we are going to my sister’s house to celebrate my brother’s birthday. That should be a good time!

We only have a few days left before the stay-cation is over (at least for me). Sometimes it’s just nice to have a stay-cation where you don’t have to work and you can get things done. Even though I am a little sad about missing out on Colorado or California, I know what is more important right now.

**20 days until we close on the new house!**

What did you do this week? Have you had a stay-cation lately?

I hope you have a wonderful weekend with whatever it is you are doing!


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