Favorite Places To Buy Kids Clothes

Favorite places to buy kids clothes

Ever since I was little I have been obsessed with baby clothes. When we finally got pregnant with Pickle I was able to shop my heart out. During that season of our life, we were just starting out. We weren’t poor, but extra money for fun spending was minimal.

The day we found out he was a boy, we went to a couple of places; Burlington Coat Factory and the local mall. I think, if I remember right, we only wound up buying 3 outfits from Sears because we had a gift card. I don’t remember purchasing anything but socks from Burlington Coat Factory.

We did wind up finding a second hand store. We actually found it at the perfect time, everything was on sale like 4 onesies for $1. We did go bananas on the sale. Pickle had plenty of clothes! Though, I was still obsessed when I saw things I really liked at other stores like Walmart.

Eventually, at some point, we went on out first adventure to Target (we use to be Walmart people). I was hooked instantly. Most of my favorite baby clothes, of his, were bought at Target. We pretty much stuck to Target and the second hand store until we got pregnant with Poppy. The second hand store went out of business not long after we found out we were having a girl. We did get her some stuff from there before they closed.

We were in a better financial position and we had expanded our horizons on places to shop. Now, I pretty much stick to 4 stores for the kid’s clothes. These stores work for all ages from infant to adults.

1. Target -Great prices and usually great styles. I particularly like cat & jack, genuine kids, and art class brands. If you’re an avid target shopper you can save money by shopping the clearance section, using cartwheel for deals, and using a red card for the extra 5%. Plus, if you shop online there are a lot more items to choose from (red card holders get free shipping on all orders).

2. Kohls – I don’t remember exactly how we stumbled into the kids department at Kohls, but it is my go-to when we need a kids clothing hall. I especially love the jumping bean brand (durable, affordable, and comfortable). Most of the time there are sales going on. Plus, if you’re a rewards member you can reap those benefits as well.

3. Old Navy- I love old navy for kids clothes! I have a tendency to be drawn to the more sophisticated styles, especially for Poppy. Things with little cutesie monkeys and things on them, aren’t really my style. Granted, old navy is more pricey than the other stores, I just really like their styles. Usually I can find some good deals or shop their clearance if I am on a budget.

4. Amazon- So it’s not a physical store, but Amazon has a wide variety of kids clothes. I usually go to Amazon when I am looking for particular things, like a birthday outfit. If you have amazon prime you get 2 day shipping on all prime eligible items. You can find some good deals on there.

I want to start finding more affordable local places, or even Instagram type of shops. If you have any to recommend let me know in the comments!


3 replies to “Favorite Places To Buy Kids Clothes

    1. Every time I have been to gymboree their prices seem crazy high. I use to go to Carters all the time. I loved their rewards program during my pregnancy with Poppy.


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