On Repeat..

It is said that kids like repetition. This is 100% accurate. For the last year we have only been able to watch a select group of movies per the kid’s requests.

We have watched Trolls, Sing, Moana, and Lego Batman about 1,000 times each. For the most part, I tend to tune the movies out. I actually don’t mind Moana, though we probably have watched that the most. We also have the soundtrack in the van. It is Poppy’s favorite.

Needless to say, I normally don’t get to watch anything I want to unless everyone is sleeping. I had finished watching The Good Doctor episodes and had stopped watching t.v. (firestick/netflix) all together. I hadn’t found anything to peak my interest. That is until a couple of weeks ago.

Amazon had an early release of the movie The Greatest Showman. Now, since I don’t have cable, I haven’t seen any previews for the movie itself. I had just heard some chatter about how good it was. I decided to buy it. I watched it, then watched it again. I have been watching it 2, sometimes 3 times a day. This last week I was dealing with nerve pain and was on bed rest for the night. I watched the movie 4 times while playing my hospital game app. I’m even finishing watching it right now as I am typing this (Wednesday night 10:08pm).

Found on pinterest.

The music is so catchy! I think I am going to get the soundtrack. Poppy and Pickle both like to dance to the songs in the movie. Chris has yet to watch the whole thing (he’s always falling asleep). I always try to put myself in the time period of these kind of movies. How exciting things were back then that are no big deal to us now, like the theater.

The movie is somewhat a portrayal of P.T. Barnum’s life (he was the founder of the Barnum and Bailey’s Circus). Though, a lot of things were manipulated to make a dramatic impact. I feel the most bad for Jenny Lind and how they portrayed her in the movie. The time period was also quite a bit later than the actual time period of P.T. Barnum.

Regardless, I just can’t get enough of it! I figure this is probably how the kids feel watching the same movie over and over, getting excited over the songs every time. If you haven’t seen the movie yet, I highly recommend it (unless you absolutely loathe musicals).

Found on pinterest. Can be purchased on Etsy.com

Little side note: I have even been liking the name Phineas.

Other than the movie, I have started rewatching the New Girl. The final season is set to start here soon and I am pretty pumped!

What are you currently watching?


5 replies to “On Repeat..

      1. Life After Manson was pretty interesting. They interviewed one of the women that’s still in jail for the Manson murders. And Fukushima: Robots in Hell looked inside the nuclear reactors that exploded, which was pretty cool.

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  1. My son was obsessed with Lion King. For a while, I hated that movie. I knew it by heart. Now 25 years later, it reminds me of when he was a toddler, so I really love it. I’ve heard wonderful things about “The Greatest Showman” . I gotta watch it. “Hart of Dixie” on Netflix is funny.

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