A Necessary Spending

You guys, something is wrong with my brain!

Tonight I decided I needed to go get some new clothes. I had to get rid of some of my staple items since they were covered in paint. Along with the fact my pants are falling off of me from losing weight. I decided I didn’t want to go to Target because I already knew what they had. The next closest clothing store I could think of was Kohls. I knew I needed some shirts to replace the ones I got rid of. I knew I wanted to try and find some work clothes and maybe a pair of jeans.

I hadn’t really shopped at Kohls for clothes for myself before [we get a lot of kids clothes there-jumping bean brand = ❤]. I figured at the least, I would shop the plus size section. On the way towards that section, I browsed through the other areas to see if anything caught my eye. Which, the clearance area did. I found a couple of shirts and like 3 pairs of pants. I grabbed the pants in a size smaller than what I am use to wearing. I went to the fitting room and started trying things on. The shirts all fit, yay! Two of the pants didnt work. One of the pairs was capris, which I can’t wear to work. The other pair of pants were not flattering at all. They felt baggy to me. Without realizing it, the third pair of pants was actually 4 sizes smaller than I am use to. I tried them on just to see how far off I would be from that size. To my surprise, they fit!

I’m telling you my brain has not caught up with these body changes!

I was so excited because not only did they fit, but that gave me a much wider selection of clothes to choose from!

I figured, okay how much further can I go? As far as department and style. I wound up finding like 6 more things. I thought I was done. Then we headed towards the registers, where the juniors section is. Chris sees a mannequin wearing overall shorts and says something like “there you go”. I told him I would wear that if I found one that fit. I went and found where they were on the rack and grabbed the biggest size they had (XL, in juniors mind you). I also found a Hogwarts shirt in a large and an Alice in Wonderland shirt. I went to try them on. The overalls and Hogwarts shirt actually fit!! What!?!? How does this happen and my brain still not see the difference!? Of course I wound up buying those items as well.

I went a bit bananas in there, but it was a totally necessary spending! It felt so good not having to walk out depressed because nothing fit. It felt so good just being able to grab my new size in things I like, no problem! I honestly think I was getting a rush from it.

Now my closet is going to be full of more stylish flattering pieces. Things that will still fit as I continue to progress in my weight loss. I won’t have to feel like I am wearing the same 3 outfits all the time.

Sometimes, the spending is necessary! Though I will advise, it’s not if you have to use a credit card and pay on it all year long. If it wasn’t for the sell of our house, I wouldn’t have been able to go as bananas today as I did. It was nice being able to shop and not worry about that. I keep saying, “thank you house”.

I’m happy.

What did you do today?


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