Easter (Non-religious)

I know Easter for many is the celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. As I have mentioned before in this post and in this post, I am not a religious person. Check out those two blogs to hear more about my stance.

I don’t celebrate Easter as anything related to Jesus. I don’t know where the tradition started of the Easter Bunny leaving baskets and an egg hunt for children to wake up to, but that is part of our Easter tradition. Growing up, Easter never meant anything religious to me. Much like Santa at Christmas, it meant getting little presents and the excitement of waking up to the surprise.

I know many people have their own beliefs, but Chris and I both decided we didn’t want to force our children to follow a religion. We want them to be educated and make their own choices based on what they feel is true. Pickle is only 4.5 years old, we have talked about Jesus and what the meaning of these holidays are to those who celebrate it religiously. Poppy is only 1 and doesn’t understand any of that quite yet.

For our family, Easter is just another day to make the family a priority. Up until this year, we normally would see both of our families on Easter. This year we did things differently so we are just having our own shindig.

Here is our family’s Easter traditions-

1. Usually within the week leading up to Easter we dye eggs. This year we tried the whip cream dying process (which turned into a harmless whip cream fight). We also used the “traditional” cup method where you have a dye tablet, vinegar, and water mixture. Regardless of how it is done, it is a good time.

2. Ever since the boys (Pickle and my nephew) could walk we have gotten the family together to do an Easter egg hunt. This year, Poppy is walking so she got to partake in it too.

3. When the kids go to sleep Saturday night (night before Easter) the Easter bunny stops by and leaves gifts on the kitchen table as well as plastic eggs hidden in the living room (filled with candy, toys, and coins). When they wake up they get to see what the Easter Bunny brought. I always love seeing them get excited about what they get. You can check out last years Easter post by clicking here.

4. Of course, holidays aren’t holidays without some kind of special meal. For Easter, we almost always have a ham dinner. Normally this would include things like mashed potatoes, stuffing, and rolls. This year, since I am on my Profile plan, I have to change up the side dishes. Instead of typical carb filled foods, I opted for all things veggies! I also will be using our dyed eggs to make deviled eggs.

Do you celebrate Easter? What are your Easter traditions?


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