When I was little, being an adult seemed so cool. As a child, you don’t tend to see a lot of the “behind the scenes” of being an adult. You just see an independent person who can spend money on cool things. You see things differently. Secrets, adult whispers, seem so cool. Parenting and having children seem like a fun adventure. You don’t understand what it means to work for 8+ hours a day. You probably don’t even know what your parents do at work. You just know they go to work. You see things that your parents do, like cook, and think you want to do the same. You probably even mimic them by playing “house”.

As I started approaching adulthood, even having a job seemed like a cool thing to do. You can have money to spend on whatever you want. You could go to taco bell and buy whatever you wanted. If you were lucky enough (unlike me) you get your lisence and a car. You’re more independent than you ever have been before. You feel like an adult. Though, you still are dependent on your parents for basic needs (housing, clothing, food, education, and extracurricular activities).

You finish high school and are so excited to finally be free from rules. Being an adult still seems like a cool thing.

Then you either go to college (yay more school) or you get a job. Then reality hits.

You have to pay for yourself for everything. You have to pay for a cell phone, car insurance, gas, and maybe even rent and utilities. You may even have a car payment and debts to pay on. Now, having a job isn’t so cool because you have to have one in order to pay for your bills. You want to go out to eat or to a movie? No more allowance from your parent’s hard earned money? Now you have to work and pay for yourself. If you don’t have the money, then you don’t get to beg your parents to pay for you to go out. You just don’t go.

Being an adult, while yes you have independence, isn’t as cool as it use to seem. In fact, now you’re longing for those teenager days where you felt like an adult, but still relied on your parents.

Kids are always in a hurry to grow up. They see these independent adults and think adulting is righteous. Until they become adults and get slapped with a hard dose of reality.

Granted, there definitely are perks to being an independent adult. I think most adults would tell you that they would trade a day just to go back to the lesser responsibilities.

I wouldn’t give up my life to go back permanently, but having one day where there aren’t any worries about bills and working, now that would be cool.

Kids – Don’t be so quick to grow up. Enjoy the innocence while it lasts.

Teens – Unless you’re paying for all your own bill’s, then you’re not an adult. You may feel like you deserve to be treated like an adult, but you’re not quite fully there yet. You may think you are owed or deserve certain freedoms, but you’re not quite there yet either. Appreciate your parents and what they do for you that you don’t have to stress about just yet. Be thankful for every penny they spend on you. Be respectful to them because they truly want what is best for you. Even if you can’t see it now as it “interferes” with your lifestyle choices. Enjoy the inbetween while it lasts because it won’t be long before you’re shoved into adulthood. Reality is coming.


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