Favoring The Flavor

Last weekend while I was battling a nasty virus, I was trying anything I could think of to help ease the pain of my sore throat. Besides, sounding like a squeaking mouse was not ideal. Of course, nothing really did help with the sound of my voice. I am beginning to think it might be the inevitable curse that I have heard about -singing voice goes MIA when you’re nearing 30 years of age. I really hope that this squeaking is not my new normal and it will go away soon.

In the meantime, like I said, I was trying everything I could think of. My brother suggested hot tea with a cough drop (normally I hear tea with honey). I didn’t wind up trying that, but when I was ordering take out from Panera, I saw their hot beverage selection. I thought, maybe try something hot and see if that helps.

Well, it didn’t do much, but now I am favoring the flavor of the Chai Tea Latte. It tastes like Christmas to me. I cannot get enough! I don’t think these are exactly on my plan for foods that are allowed. However, since I’m not having it daily, I think moderation is fine. It’s what the plan teaches us anyway.

Tonight, as I was getting dressed for work early (because we have 2 houses to look at), I knew I wouldn’t have time to cook. I told Chris we would have to get me food and he said to order something.

Immediately I thought, “chai tea latte!”

Not only is their latte delish (yes other coffee shops have them too), but so is their Goddess Cobb Salad. I doubt the dressing is exactly profile friendly, but I’m okay with that! Again, moderation.

When I first ate at Panera a few years back, I didn’t think it was as awesome as people talked about. Now I have found these 2 items that are amazing! Plus their bread bowls are scrumptious – if you’re allowed carbs.

Do you eat at Panera? What’s your favorite item there?

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