What Day Is It?

I am losing track of days here. Monday I thought it was Friday. Today is, uhhh? Satur..Friday, and I am wondering where this week has gone.

Heaven help me if I forget to write something down. Trust me, I will forget if I don’t! Thank goodness for cell phone calendars. My brain feels like it is on this never ending spiral.

Ever since Christmas it seems like life has been on fast forward. Then at random times, without a moment’s pause, someone hits the rewind button.

We have had a lot going on. More so, things outside of the typical daily grind; house hunting, phone calls, appointments, contractors in and out of our house, parent teacher conferences, family get togethers, my brother’s parole hearing, and unfortunately the passing of my husband’s grandfather.

But, this is life. This is what it is. The ups and the downs. The fast forwards and the rewinds. The chaos. The life that seems to be slipping faster with each passing day, ultimately leading to the same fate that everyone has.

This is simply what it is.



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