Ashley from Mental Health At Home posted this tag and gave a free for all for those who want to participate. I thought it looked fun so here we go!

Q: Have you ever been in love?


Q: What is your favorite drink?

All I drink is water, but I do also love orange juice.

Q: What is your favorite song?

I don’t have one favorite. I like many many songs.

Q: What is your zodiac sign?


Q: What is your favorite show?

I don’t really have one favorite. I really don’t watch that much.

Q: What is your favorite band?

There are way too many to choose from to pick just one.

Q: Something you really miss.

I am very content with my life right now. The only answer I could give would be my grandparents.

Q: Where do you go when you are sad?

Either my bed or the bath.

Q: Have you ever been in a physical fight?

Nothing insane. When I was in high school, there was this kid who (after school, in the hallway) decided to call me a whore and to get on my knees and “suck it”. Instead I kicked him in the gonads. [Not sure where he got the idea that I was a whore as I was with the same boyfriend from freshman to senior year.]

Q: What is your favorite color?

If you consider it a color, lately it is white. It’s never consistent.

Q: Loud music or soft?

Loud. Probably why my hearing is terrible.

Q: Favorite actor.

I don’t have a favorite.

Q: Do you have any fears? What are they?

Who doesn’t have at least one fear? I fear dying too soon, before my kids are grown. I fear losing loved ones. I fear really long stairs without railings. I am not a fan of heights.

Q: Meaning behind your blog name.

Exactly what it says, reclaiming my sanity (one post at a time).

Q: Last time you said you loved someone.

I tell my kids all of the time.

Q: Last book you read.

Pete The Cat

Q: The book you are currently reading.

Nothing currently.

Q: Last sport you played?

Uhhhh, that’s a good question.

Q: Last song you sang.

I sing all the time. Currently we are singing along with Trolls.

Q: Favorite food?

I don’t really have one favorite anymore. It use to be mac and cheese. Now, I would just say vegetables.

Q: Place you want to visit.

Disneyland during Halloween and Christmas.

Q: Favorite flavor of sweet.

Chocolate I suppose.

Q: What instruments do you play?

I have 2 keyboards. I use to have a hand drum I was pretty good at. Other than that, my karaoke machine.

Q: Favorite piece of jewelry.

My marriage ring. I say marriage ring because it wasn’t the one I had for our wedding 😉.

I thought this was a fun way to get to know people! If you’re reading this and you want to do the tag then I say go for it!


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