Third Time Is A Charm

If you have been following along this past week you would know that we have been looking for a new house.

On Thursday around 450pm, our house went on the market for sale. Within 30 minutes we had 4 people schedule showings for that night and six more for the following day. Friday morning we got word that we did get 1 offer in. It was over asking and flexible terms for us to find our next house. We accepted their offer!

We also had scheduled to look at at least 2 houses and 1 potentially to look at. However, we only needed to see the first one to know that was our house! It felt different than the first 2 we bid on. I personally didn’t want to leave. So we put our bid in.

As I was getting ready for work that night, my phone rang. They gave us a counter offer. We countered back.

They accepted!!

So in one day we sold our house and finally have a house to go to! Such relief from all the chaos to finally be done, now it’s just waiting and paperwork. The good news is, even with all the stress and chaos, I still haven’t strayed away from my eating regimen. Kicking ass to say the least!

Happy weekend!


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