Market Madness

Long story short, we did not get the house we put an offer on the other day. It was between us and another person. Houses are selling like hot cakes around here! If you don’t see it the same day it goes active, you will be out of luck.

I have been stalking the Zillow and realtor apps like crazy. We wound up seeing a new listing posted yesterday. It was on the market for about 6 hours or so. I knew we had to get there fast, so we did just that. This house literally had everything on our checklist, more than the first house did. So, we put our bid on it.

Fast forward to today. The deadline for a response was noon. We finally heard back that there are multiple offers and they want everyone to give their best offers. We offered well beyond asking, because you have to in this crazy market (the first offer we sent). We thought asking $11,000 over the asking price would be enough to have us stand out. Apparently not! Alas, we are in limbo yet again, waiting for an answer. This market is insane as a buyer.

Tomorrow, our house will be listed. I am imagining the chaos we are about to endure. Needless to say, I am stressed. Oy!


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