Fell Off My Wagon

Oops! The last couple of weeks have just been crazy! If you’re wondering why I haven’t been posting as much, there is a reason why.

We went from deciding to wait to move to deciding not to wait. Ironic how that happens right after I posted about waiting. That means, we have been very busy with house things.

We have been doing minor things to our house. Patching holes, painting, adding trim that was missing, and deep cleaning.

We went and looked at some houses where we met our Realtor at an open house. We have been scouring the market daily waiting for that perfect house to show up.

The market has been crazy! Houses selling the same day they are listed. It is pure madness!

We saw a few more houses, nice houses. Houses we nearly considered buying because they were so nice. None of them just felt right. None of them were the space we needed.

We got the go ahead from our lender, with our budget finally known. The scouring became obsessive. We had been checking the market several times a day trying to decide if anything currently listed would suffice. There is a lot of potential out there.

One day, our realtor sent us a picture of a house that was “coming soon”. It was exactly what I wanted, without even seeing the inside I just knew it checked our boxes. The outside alone screamed my name with its farmhouse style appearance. I was emotionally attached quickly.

However, we didn’t know exactly when it would go on the market. We didn’t know exactly what it looked like inside. So we continued looking for newcomers. There were a couple that were very nice. I almost convinced myself that we should buy one, though it was too small for our big couch.

While we were at this potential house, we of course asked again about that “coming soon” house. Our realtor didn’t have information, but she kept trying to get a hold of the realtor who did. Finally, she got a hold of the other realtor and asked her for information. We found out that they would let us in early to view the house!

My stomach was knotted. I just knew this one was meant to be ours. Though I was nervous that, for some reason, it wouldn’t work out.

When we walked up to the door and went in, I immediately said “yup”. The more I saw, the more I said “yup, yup, yup!”

We both knew this was what we wanted. We knew this meant we had to list our house sooner than we planned so that the seller would take our offer seriously. We had to cancel our evening plans so we could focus on our house.

We finally got our offer submitted around 9pm. Yay, paperwork.

We are still waiting to find out if our offer is accepted or not. In the meantime, I am cautiously planning how to decorate the new house. I know I am crazy. Hopefully, it’s not for nothing!

I apologize for the lack of content lately. I expect to write at least once a week during this chaotic time.

I hope you are having a week of peace!


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