Life Happening Now

As I said yesterday, I was up to my ankles in sawdust because of some projects we were doing. We have started operation “prepare house for selling”. 

It is going to be something that likely will be done in intervals throughout the year.  It is a start nonetheless. Originally we were going to try to sell and buy a new house this summer, but we aren’t trying to rush the process. We want to be sure all of our ends are finished before we begin that endeavor.  Doing things right and taking our time so it doesn’t look halfassed.

We started in the master bath. It’s not 100% done yet, but it is much closer than it was before. We need to install some crown molding and recaulk the shower. It really didn’t take much money since we had most of what we needed lying around the house. We bought paint, a light fixture, towel and toilet paper holders, a curtain, and a shelf. Here are the before and after pictures.

We took the mirror down to sand and stain the frame.
I think we are going to wind up moving the shelf up higher.

Then we will be doing the master closet. It needs a paint job. Then we will be installing a door so that there is privacy in the bathroom. (There has never been a door there. Weird I know.) 

Once that is done, we are going to redo the laundry room. I think we are also going to redo the flooring in the kitchen, replace the doors to the bedrooms, and replace the master carpet (when we get closer to selling). After that is all done, it’s basically filling in holes and painting. It’s an exciting thing and definitely easy to get carried away with design choices. Especially when you are me and have an obsession with interior design. 

Well, it’s 330am, I should probably try to go to bed. I hope you’re all having a joyous weekend!


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  1. Hey, I hope you’re doing fine. Take care of yourself. I am sure, you’re a beautiful person from inside and this too one day, shall end. Take care of yourself.

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