One of the most important things of any relationship is trust. When you come from a background like mine, it is hard to give anyone 100% of your trust. I have always struggled with trusting anyone. So much so, that anyone I meet is automatically placed lower on the trust scale. Which may seem unfair, but my experiences have shown me that no one is worthy of 100%.

For me, when trust is broken, it is extremely difficult to get it back, if at all. How can I look past something when I already have been through it negatively? How can trust be earned back when I constantly have to question motives and sincerity? 

If I assume someone is being honest and then later find out they weren’t, then I am the fool. If it happens again, then what does that make me?

If it’s never the same, but you can’t walk away from the relationship, how do you go about fixing it? Do you live with the fact that you are possibly being lied to still? All the thoughts are overwhelming, it is making me feel like I am a crazy person. How to cope?


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  1. I hear you there. I find it hard to trust 100%. It seems there are always temptations and opportunities for people to hide things or outright lie, cheat. I’ve learned to trust my husband…99%. I mean it’s not something I think about anymore very often. When I do it is just because I know that there are other women out there who would be happy to have him and what if….. I’m much better than I use to be. It depends greatly on how you feel about yourself as well. I feel muchbetter about myself these days. Practise loving yourself. Eventually you will be able tot rust again.

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      1. Not that I know of lol! He hasnt given me a reason not to trust. My first husband did 4 days after we got married. It lasted 4 years and I couldn’t live with the constant lying. If they won’t or can’t change, how does one live with it? Should one even have to after years of it? I came to the conclusion that I deserved better. If it was only a one time thing like the first set of lies, I could have gotten over it.

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  2. Things get harder as we age. We start realising how tough it is when the trust we have is broken just like that. Issues with trust can come from even the most unexpected places which is the saddest thing.

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  3. Love this post, I think everyone struggles with trusting people. Even trusting yourself at some point can be difficult. It is good to listen to your feeling about people and where to place them on the trust rating meeting for the first time I don’t think anyone should have 100% trust, but they have the opportunity to get as high as they can.

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  4. That’s a huge factor on why I ended our 15 year relationship. He had an affair and that was it. I will never trust him again and want nothing to do with him ever again.

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  5. Oh you’re not alone at all. Trust is complex. Especially when you’ve experienced traumatic events that impact you’re abiliry to trust yourself or anyone. However, if I’m spending more time ruminating over speculation, it’s either not the right person or not the right time for me to be in a relationship.💜 Either way, you’re not alone 💜

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