It is on now!

A couple of weeks ago, I hit a rough patch. I won’t get into details of that right now. I have mentioned before that I have a short fuse. Along with my short fuse, I also have a tendency to hold onto things (unresolved things). In the midst of this rough patch, I got the urge to take it out in a playful way.

That’s when the pranks began.

My husband was in the shower and I was tending to the kids. I got the idea of pranking him while he was in the shower. I got a big cup and filled it with cold water. I snuck into our bathroom (luckily his back was to me) and dumped the cold water on his head. I figured he would be pissed, but if he was I didn’t really care. Fortunately he responded with a “really!?” I decided the cold water wasn’t enough. I ran to the kid’s bathroom, grabbed their peppa pig soap bottle, came back and poured that on his head. I had a great time!

On new years eve, at my parent’s house, I heard him and my step dad giggling. I thought he did something to my cupcake, but he said he was just telling my step dad how he was planning to get me back. Since then I always assume something is coming for me when I am in the shower. 

My emotions from this rough patch have been sky high. I felt like I needed to do something more than the shower pranks. Mainly because I had the urge for trying to piss my husband off. 

[Insert details for understanding here] We have two vehicles. He has a car and I have a van. We only have the kids seats in the van. So when I go to work I take his car, that way he can have the kid’s seats if needed. When I drive, I like to sit up high and nearly straight up. When he drives he is reclined, low, and beings he is taller than me the chair is back further. Usually I am mindful and put the chair back when I get home.

The other day, I was on my way home from work. I decided not to be mindful. I wanted to be the opposite of mindful. I decided to put his chair as far forward, high, and the back leaning as forward as it would go. That way in the morning he would be reminded of me. Me still hoping to piss him off.

Flash forward to today. We were watching Harry Potter and he fell asleep, before 8pm. “Uh, hello, the kids are awake!” When the movie was over, I woke him up and told him to watch the kids so I could shower. I’m in the shower, minding my own business, when all of a sudden the water pressure got really low. I’m thinking what the heck? Is he washing dishes or something, eh whatever. I continued with the shower for a few minutes when all of a sudden I felt this weird misting hit my arm.  I turn around and see a cup and him leaving the bathroom. I was like “uh, ok thanks” until I realized I had flour all over me. I didn’t get mad, but it got in my eye which wasn’t fun. 

So now, I am declaring that it is on! I was being mostly nice before, but it is on now! He says we should be even. I said NOPE

Insert evil laugh here!

9 replies to “It is on now!

  1. I’m sorry, but the flour was pretty funny, except for the fact it got into your eye. At least you all can have some fun. However, I’d just call a truce in case one of you all gets each other on a bad day. Might not be funny then. Grab a movie together and just cuddle 💜

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