Blogmas Day 21

It is December, nearly the end of December, and we have had no accumulation of snow. It use to be white nearly all December long. In the last few years it seems like we have had less and less. As of right now, it is still too warm for snow. I have been outside without needing a coat. 

One of my major Christmas must haves is a white Christmas. I love the snow. I think it is beautiful to look at. It changes the scenery. Plus, who doesn’t love playing in the snow? 

I know for many people they loathe the snow. Many people don’t live in a place where snow exists. I however, have always had pride for where I live because of the snow. I just love it!

Christmas doesn’t feel like Christmas without snow. Even my birthday doesn’t feel right without snow. I have grown accustomed to it, expecting it year after year. 

Last weekend when we were finishing our Christmas shopping, I was complaining about the lack of snow. Chris found a container at Target that was “make your own snow”. He was tempted to get it, but it didn’t sound promising. Plus, how much snow could really come from a can no bigger than a can of soup?

I need snow! I am begging whatever, or whoever, has control over the weather to send me at least a few inches for Christmas. 

Found on Pinterest

I don’t want to look at the grass and leafless trees anymore. I want the white stuff all over!

Until tomorrow, 


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