Blogmas Day 18

If I could I would make it a law that Christmas lights be left up all year round. I just love Christmas lights!

Growing up we always made it a tradition to drive around looking at Christmas lights. I remember one year (post-divorce) my dad took us to look at lights, like we had done many times before. Except this time we stopped at  a gas station beforehand to get snacks and drinks. When we went in he yelled, “Okay kids pick out your Christmas present!” He was kidding, but the employee got a kick out of it. Every year after we always got our “present” before driving around.

As we became adults and started drifting in our own directions, the tradition became less and less. I however, have never stopped going to look at lights. I am obsessed. I am very particular on how I like my lights, but I know everyone has their own taste. 

When Chris and I started dating I made sure he knew about my tradition and that he was accepting of it/participating. Luckily for me he enjoys the lights as well. We have spent every December looking at the lights all over town. We even stop and get snacks before going. One year, we even got a whole pizza!

Our kids also seem to enjoy the lights. Pickle is really into the ones that go with music. Though, I wish there were more of them they are hard to come by.

This year we went driving around with both of our kids and our two best friends. We ate dinner beforehand at the Outback Steakhouse. We also had some snacks, okay cookies, because well…cookies. 

We drove around for about 2 hours I want to say. I didn’t want to be on my phone the whole time, plus I was in the very back seat, so I didn’t take a lot of pictures. 

Poppy was fighting her sleep so she could watch the lights. She kept saying “whoa” and “wow” at them. We stopped at one house that had their own radio station that plays music that goes with their lights. I took Poppy out of her seat and she couldn’t stop dancing and yelling at the lights. It was so cute watching her get excited about it.

Here are some pictures that I did take. 

They even did the boat!

This one went to music like Bohemian Rhapsody and Olaf’s Summer song
I sent this picture to my nutcracker obsessed mom
So much to look at!

Some of our favorite ones weren’t up this year. I was saddened by that, but there still are a lot of great displays! There is this neighborhood near ours where their entire street is decked out in lights. Sometimes one of the guys dresses up as Santa and hands out candy canes to the cars. 

I love seeing how much into Christmas, the Christmas spirit, people are. I feel like they are my people. Perhaps I was one of Santa’s elves in a past life. 

Do you have a lot of lights to see where you are? Do you drive around looking at them? 

Until tomorrow, 


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