Blogmas Day 14

Nothing says Christmas like a counter full of baked goods! I love to be in the kitchen. I love to cook and I love to bake. 

Growing up, the only place I really remember helping in the kitchen was at my grandparent’s house. My grandpa was all about his Italian heritage. He made everything from scratch. I remember helping him make noodles from scratch. He always was making delicious food! 

One of my favorite things my grandma made was sweet potato pie. She knew I loved it. I remember one year she told me she made it especially for me. Oh how I miss them both.

For Christmas, their table and countertops were nothing less than full. We had so much food and pie. Yum!

Now that I have my own house and my own little family, I get an enjoyment out of making things from scratch. I don’t think it’s hard to follow a recipe. Some people like to be more simplistic and that’s okay too. 

Pickle really gets a thrill out of helping in the kitchen. We are always making baked goods together. During the Christmas season, I try to find new recipes to try that he can help me with. Normally, that includes making and decorating cookies. Here are the ones we made last year.

I also wound up making some home made fudge. I found a recipe for fudge on Pinterest and altered it to fit what I was going for: hot chocolate fudge. I also made some peanut butter balls. 

It has taken me several years to get a baking niche. My sister was always better at baking, but now that I have had my own kitchen I have had a lot more practice.

This year, I knew I want to do something different. I also knew it had to be something kid friendly. Where else would I look other than Pinterest? Pinterest has a lot of great ideas, but nothing was really popping out at me.

While we were on our regular shopping trip, I passed by the holiday rice krispies cereal. I decided we would make some rice krispies. I thought about it some more, after buying the supplies, and decided I needed something more exciting. 

Alas, I figured I could make the rice krispies mixture and mold it inside of my Christmas shape cookie cutters.

We wound up leaving these to sit while we went to visit my brother. I think we are going to decorate them once they are dried.

Until tomorrow,



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