Blogmas Day 12

Christmas crafts! I love making things and watching my kids make things. I always display them in the house. Aside from our usual coloring holiday pictures activity, I always try to do something a little more elaborate.

This year I was going through my “Christmas ideas” Pinterest board to see what things I had pinned, but forgot about. I came across this picture.

I love the look of the window. It feels warm, cozy, and fits the season. I thought, “that wouldn’t be too hard to do”. I grabbed some computer paper and scissors. I cut the paper to the size that I wanted and then folded it in half for symmetrical purposes. I cut out some trees of different sizes. Then I had this idea that it could look like a winter wonderland by adding some buildings. Turns out, I wasn’t the only one with that idea and found many on Pinterest. 

I cut out some buildings. Some of them get really intricate and I did not have an exacto knife for precision. I did what I could with regular sewing sheers. Then I cut out some different sized stars. 

I wasn’t going to, but then I thought I might as well make some snowflakes. We have always made snowflakes every year since Chris and I have been together (almost 8 years now). I made 3 and then asked Chris to make 3 more. 

Pickle was trying to help make things, but he just had a good time practicing using scissors. He had a decent pile of scraps.

Once we were done, I grabbed some scotch tape and headed to the front window. I aligned the trees and buildings along the bottom and the stars and snowflakes along the top. Here is how it turned out.

Excuse the flash

I think it’s cute. It gives a different feel to the room if we have the curtains open. It also is something that can be seen outside. 
I have more things planned as far as activities go, so you will have to stay tuned in the coming days 😁.

Until tomorrow, 


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