Blogmas Day 10

Don’t read this post with little eyes around, at least not ones that can read. 

I want to talk about something that’s supposed to be secretive, being Santa.

I am well aware that not everyone does the Santa thing. I for one, do. I believe Christmas was magical for me because of all the Santa magic that was supposedly going on. It wasn’t until I was 13 years old that I found out the truth about Santa. I can save that topic for another day though. 

What I want to talk about is preparing for Christmas when you are playing the role of the jolly bearded man. 

I think most people do all their planning, shopping, and execution before the night of Christmas eve. In a previous post I mentioned how we utilize layaway to get our kids their gifts. The issue then becomes, where do we put it?

In our house, we do not have any storage space that the kids cannot get to.  Before Pickle was old enough to get into his closet, we put the presents in there. One year we left the presents in a giant box in what is now Poppy’s room (Pickle never went in there). 

Now, we use every inch of our house. There isn’t a place in the house that Pickle wouldn’t notice something suspicious. So, how do we prepare and hide presents?

Lucky for us, we have family close by that is willing to take the kids for a few hours while we finish shopping, wrapping, and hiding things. This year we are fortunate that my parents have a garage that we will be hiding our stuff in. The plan, as of now, is to pick it up either the day before or on Christmas eve. We still have to figure that part out.

How do you keep things hidden?

Until tomorrow, 


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