Blogmas Day 9

When you are younger, one of the most popular questions during Christmas time is, what do you want for Christmas? For most kids, that includes toys, games, and material items. As you get older, in your teenage non-believing days, it might become more about gift cards and money. 

When you become an adult, or parent, you start to realize you don’t need material things or even gift cards and money. 

I have only been asked a couple of times what I want for Christmas this year. Truth is, I don’t really want or need anything that can be wrapped in a box.

I just want to see my kids being happy. I want to spend time with our families because those are the things that matter most. Those are the things you cannot get back once they are gone. People and time.

Sometimes, life seems to just pass by and the people we care about get older right before our eyes. I have always known life isn’t forever, but have started realizing more that the people I love won’t always be here. Even I won’t always be here.

Christmas is about family. Spending time with those that you love.

“Maybe Christmas, he thought…doesn’t come from a store. Maybe Christmas, perhaps, means a little bit more. – The Grinch”

Until tomorrow, 


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