A Long Lost “Art”?

When I was in 3rd grade, we started to learn how to write in cursive. We were told that once we got to high school it would be required to do all of our assignments in cursive. I sort of became obsessed with writing in cursive. I wanted that pretty perfect handwriting with effortless flow from my writing utensil. 

We practiced writing in cursive all throughout elementary school  (through 5th grade). Once I got to middle school (6th to 8th grade) nobody cared about it anymore. We didn’t practice and we didn’t talk about it. Most of the time, teachers required us to write in print. 

When I got to high school (9th to 12th grade) most of our written assignments were required to be done on the computer. We had to use a 12 point font, in times new roman, and double spaced. 

I have always wondered why, in elementary school, were teachers telling us that we would be writing in cursive majority of the time. I suppose as time went on, things changed, and technology has a large role with that. With computers we can type legibly so that our words don’t seem like a code needing deciphered. 

I wonder are kids today even being taught anything about writing in cursive? Will it become a thing of the past? I have noticed older people tend to write more in cursive than in print. Maybe it is a generational thing?

Anyway, so every year at Christmas we send out family picture Christmas cards to our family and friends. I have become obsessed with addressing the envelopes. Most of the ones I do, have cursive writing. It just seems more elegant. For some reason, I think I write better in cursive as far as appearance goes. 

What about you? Do you write mostly in print, cursive, or typing?


2 replies to “A Long Lost “Art”?

  1. I write half and half, especially when writing fast. I’d say my tendency is towards script for notes, letters, etc. The only time I tried to write nicely (and completely) in print was in school because I figured it was the most legible.

    I believe they aren’t teaching kids script anymore (in school) – which is really a shame! It is beautiful. It is also scary because almost all important historical documents are written in script. That would imply that future generations will not be able to read some of the most significant pieces in their original form. Maybe its not that important, but I was a history major, it seems important to me.

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