The Almighty Powerful Brain and it’s Subconsciousness

I use to have this same reoccurring dream. It was one of those extremely frustrating dreams where you then wake up ticked off and lacking energy. 

This dream occurred way too often for my liking, but I knew my subconscious thoughts were the cause of it.

The dream itself was never consistent in scenery. It didn’t matter where I was the outcome was always the same. It always involved the same person.

Usually it started out with me trying to find something or someone. Then weird things will happen like trying to dial a phone number and it always comes out wrong. No matter what though, it always ends with me screaming my lungs out at the one person that needed to hear it. The problem was, that person for whatever reason did not hear my screaming. 

In reality I know it is because even if I were to be screaming bloody murder in this person’s face, it still would not change a thing. Nothing I could do or say would matter. So, why bother trying?

I had that mentality for a very long time. Hence the reoccurring dream. Once I decided to stop holding onto the things I needed to say, the dream became lesser. I actually have not had that dream in awhile now  (couple months maybe). 

The brain is a powerful thing. 

Say what you need to say. Even if you prepare for the worst outcome, at least you won’t have the burden harboring in your chest. Which, lets face it, people with anxiety problems (me) need all the relief they can get. 

Life is too short to spend it holding our tongues when something needs to be said. Especially when those things are invading our inner peace. 


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