Tis The Season

Tis the season

Here in Nebraska we only have so much time left before it’s too frigid to be outside. 

Last week, I was feeling a little bit down and decided to bring on the Christmas cheer a little early. Normally I wait until, at least, the week of Thanksgiving, but I said screw the “rules” and did it anyway.  Yes, that is correct, my indoor Christmas decorations went up last week. 

Every year we try to beat the “horrid” weather by putting up the outdoor Christmas stuff in early November. After all, nobody wants to be climbing ladders and walking on roofs in a snow storm. The weather warmed up just a smidge the last few days which made the task seem less daunting. 

Of course, I don’t climb ladders or walk on roofs. My husband is quite the man when it comes to this sort of thing and making me happy. Though, I think he actually likes climbing ladders, walking on, and sitting on the roof. 

Putting up Christmas lights

Nonetheless, our lights are now up and working. 

Quick question: Is anybody else as picky about light placement as I am? I can’t stand insanely crooked lights and mismatched things. I like things organized and to make sense. 

As Chris was on the roof, I knew Pickle would want to be outside observing and playing. I knew this meant I needed to be outside too. Which also meant I needed to bring Poppy outside as well. 

I decided to bring the playpen outside with toys for Poppy. Pickle and I raked the front yard, it was full of leaves. I figured he would enjoy the giant pile we could make and he could jump in it. 

Raking up leaves to jump in
This was half of it

Poppy seemed curious about what we were doing. I picked her up and sat her in the big pile of leaves. She had a look of confusion on her face. Within about a second of being sat down Pickle tried to play with her by hugging her and nearly knocking her over. She wasn’t amused, but she’s tough. She always thinks her brother is hilarious. 

After Pickle lost interest in the leaves (he started digging for gems) I started to pick them up and put them in the trash can. My back wasn’t happy. I persisted.

Eventually Chris was done with the lights and it was time to go back inside. It wasn’t freezing, but it was windy. 

Next thing we need to do is put our inflatables up out front. 

When I start decorating I just want to keep going. My impulsive nature likes to get things done quickly, all at once. I’m learning to slow down, but I bet the inflatables will be up by next week. 

I love Christmas. Something about Christmas lights just makes me happy. 

How do you decorate for the holidays? What holiday(s) do you celebrate this time of year?


2 replies to “Tis The Season

  1. My tree goes up the Friday after Thanksgiving and stays up at least until after January 7th. I love the lights, candles, scents, just be very thing about this time of year. Hosting annual grandkids Christmas party 12/2. We decorate cookies that they take home and do Secret Santa with silliest crofts cry at can be found.

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    1. Normally I wait until Friday as well, but I jumped early this year haha. I tend to do a lot of baking and kids crafts also. Your party sounds like fun! I love the scents as well! Mmmmmm


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