Caught Myself Laughing 

Youtube distracting kids at store

In today’s society, it is completely normal for kids to be obsessed with YouTube videos. 

For the last 4.5 years I feel like YouTube has been on repeat in our house. You know kids need to listen to the same nursery rhymes on repeat, right?

Pickle started with Super Simple Song videos. Now he is into Ryan Toys Review, the Axel show, and Park Ranger LB (I am not sure I am even saying that right) videos. 

Poppy is now jumping on the YouTube band wagon with Super Simple Songs. How many times in one day do we have to listen to baby shark? Yes, I am fully aware I could take YouTube away if I really wanted to. 

Anyways, last week while I was at work, I started hearing something from a distance. I immediately turned my head trying to see where it was coming from. The sound got closer and closer, but I never saw anyone. 

I was laughing, seemingly at myself, because I recognized the song that was playing. It was one of those Super Simple Songs. I kept laughing. If anyone was watching me I am sure they thought I was nuts. 

Finally, a few minutes had passed and  this lady came up to me. I had to ask her if it was her playing the music. She said no it wasn’t her. I had to explain that I was hearing the nursery rhymes being played and why I was laughing about it. 

I have been that mom. Where you are at the store and the only thing to stop your screaming child is to play those silly nursery rhymes on YouTube on your phone. Sometimes you just need your kid to be distracted long enough that they don’t see the 10 isles of toys that you are going past. 

How did anyone live before YouTube and Wi-Fi? 

98% of the time we don’t resort to YouTube or using our phones to keep the kids calm at the store, but I have been there. I have no doubt I will be there again. 


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