Naturally everything was chaos


It has been 6 years since I have had a consistent job. I have been preparing my mind for today, ever since my interview 2 weeks ago. I wasn’t nervous about working, but I cannot lie I didn’t really want to go.

I didn’t want to leave my kids. I didn’t want to miss family dinner. I didn’t want to miss anything. 

Naturally, as much as I tried to prepare my mind for going to work, nothing prepared me for the day leading up to driving off.

This morning I woke up way too early, before 6am. Usually, I am a 9am type of gal. It’s been my routine.  I woke up too early and couldn’t go back to sleep. Of course, then Pickle wakes up early, 6am. I thought, no big deal, we will get some cuddles in. After all, those one on ones with him aren’t as often as we both would like. 

About an hour later, Poppy wakes up. I think, no big deal, we will watch a movie, in my bed, and all go back to sleep. Well, Poppy and I went back to sleep, Pickle did not. Which is fine, he usually just hangs out to watch the movie anyway. 

At some point I remember him asking me for gum. I said yes and he helped himself. If it weren’t for the gum, maybe things would have stayed mellow. Then again maybe not.

We got up around 9am. Poppy was being gassy and it wasn’t until I moved my arm that I realized, it certainly wasn’t gas. I immediately picked her up and realized it was on my bed. Yes, poop, diarrhea, on my bed. Ugh. 

I immediately took her to the shower. I really wasnt thinking clearly about the bed, which I should have been. Before starting the water, I turned around to see the freaking dog licking the bed. Fucking gross! BARF!

I ripped the sheets and protector off the bed and had Pickle put them in the washer so the dog wouldn’t try to lick more. I showered Poppy, dried her, dressed her, and we laid back down for a little bit. I got a phone call from the kids’ pediatrician saying to bring Pickle in since he has been sick over 2 weeks. The only opening they had was 310pm. I took it. 

I called Chris to see if he could make it in time because I knew I still needed time to get ready for my first day (night) of work. Thankfully, he said yes.

 Pickle went to the kitchen and yelled, “Kona ate the gum!” I should have known. This dog will sniff out gum, find it, and eat the whole package (which yes I know can be toxic to dogs). I was annoyed, but not fuming. 

So much for back to sleep.

I made breakfast, started the washer, and we did a thanksgiving craft project.

Turkey wreaths craft project

After our craft project, Pickle decided he was ready for lunch. So I made lunch. During this time, I was also dealing with emotional turmoil from some unresolved drama. I nearly forgot about lunch boiling until Pickle asked me, “is my food done?” Aw crap! Hope it isn’t boiling over all over the place!

I run to the kitchen to find it is barely starting to boil. Phew!

I finish making lunch and we all 3 sat to eat. We finished eating, cleaned up, and then it was time to try to get Poppy to nap. I laid down in my bed with her and she fell asleep on my arm. Knowing she was sick and needed sleep, I didn’t want to move and wake her up. It didn’t take long for me to realize she was pretty warm to the touch. By this point it was already 130pm. 

Poppy woke up, I got her dressed, took her temp (99.1), and put her in the playpen. Chris got home around 230 as I was getting semi ready for work before the doctor appointment. He got Pickle dressed, took a shower, and gathered the diaper bag. I finished my make up and hair, made a bottle, got my shoes on, and out the door we all went. 

On the way to the doctor, Poppy was drinking her bottle. Then we heard her make a weird noise, it almost sounded like a hiccup and burp at the same time. We could hear her though, so we knew she was ok. What we didn’t know..

We get to the doctor’s office and Chris goes to get Poppy out of her seat, “wtf? I’m going to need wipes, she puked everywhere.” I got the wipes and handed him a couple and he’s says, “no this is bad it is everywhere.” I got Pickle out of his seat and go to the driver’s side to try to lend a hand. He got what he could, but it was everywhere. 

Unfortunately, we didn’t get a chance to restock the clothes in the diaper bag from the night before, so she had no clean clothes to wear. We go inside, as I check us in he took her to the bathroom to try and clean her up. Then we sat down and waited to be called back. 

We get called back, nurse asked questions and took vitals. Then we waited. I felt like the wait was forever, but it was about 30 minutes. I figured worse case scenario, I’m going to be dropped off at work in my sweats (black pants). Though, the anxiety was setting in, I like to dress decent I can’t show up in this.

Doctor finally came in. Poppy checked out okay, just seems to have a 24 hour bug and a cold.  Pickle has upper respiratory and is now on antibiotics for it. She did clear him to go to school since he doesn’t have a fever.

We go back home, I get ready and start saying bye to the kids. Yes, I did get a little teary-eyed, but choked it back so they (kids) wouldn’t see. Then it was time to go.

I was stressed from everything that happened today. It felt like a bad omen to try and get me not to go or something, but I knew I had to anyway. I put on my favorite radio station 99.9KGOR (oldies) and at first it was playing sappy songs and I changed it to something else, then changed it back. Rod Stewart came on and I immediately started laughing and saying thank you, thank you for playing this song KGOR. I forgot this song was once one of my favorites, still gold to me. In case you’re wondering it’s, “Do you think I’m sexy?” 

Good song.

Orientation went great. Before we even got called back, I met this other Gal who was there for orientation too. We laughed and talked until we went to the back. We did get out an hour ahead of schedule, so that was nice.

Unfortunately, Poppy was not doing so well. She had still been puking while I was at work (that sounds weird to me still, “at work”). I got home and she was excited to see me. Pickle just wanted my candy haha. I gave Poppy some Pedialyte, but within 5 minutes she was violently puking that up plus more of the lunch we had. It was a mess. 

I checked her temperature again 101.1. I knew she needed tylenol, but wasn’t sure she would keep it down. We gave it to her hoping she would. About an hour went by and she hadn’t puked so I had Chris get some water in a syringe. I gave her 5ml and decided to wait to see what happens. Now she is sleeping, which I know is the best thing.

I feel so bad when they are sick. I wish it was me instead. 

All in all, it was a stressful day, but life happens and life goes on.

Now though, I have the t.v. to myself. It’s time to catch up on some shows and go to bed.



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