Do People Still Use Their Manners?

All too often I find myself holding the door open for people behind me. Most of the time, these people don’t say thank you. When that happens I think about closing the door on them. 

Hold the door open
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Something, I personally, feel strongly about is having manners. I am always making sure to say please and thank you. I have always taught my kids to say please and thank you. 

Saying please and thank you, to me, shows appreciation for the person doing something for you. Like, I don’t expect to be catered to, but if I need help or am at a service area I am always saying please and thank you.  That way they know I am thankful for what they are doing, knowing that they don’t have to be doing it for me.

I get really bothered when people don’t appreciate others by saying thank you. In a way it makes me respect them less. 

Please and thank you are still magic words

One thing during the holiday season that shows me which people are respectful and which aren’t is who says thank you.

Christmas isn’t about getting gifts. In tradition though, it has become a holiday about giving. I love giving gifts. I love thinking about others and what they might need or want. 

What I don’t love is people who lack common courtesy to say thank you. 

People lack basic respect

I don’t expect people to buy me, or make me, things. When someone thinks of me enough that they do get me something, I appreciate every part of it. I always make it a point to let them know I am very thankful for what they did because they truly did not have to.


11 replies to “Do People Still Use Their Manners?

  1. PREACH!!! My 4 year old has better manners than most people i encounter now! She loves getting praise for her politeness and manners, so she sometimes calls other people out who don’t have such great manners.

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  2. There are many many people that still have manners. What causes more social disruption than anything is the use and abuse of social media.


  3. I’m noticing more people, especially in stores, who will walk in front of you without an “excuse me” or acknowledgment that you were even there. So sad because they are not always younger people either. What’s happening to us?

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