What I Feed My 10 Month Old 

What I Feed My 10 Month Old

In our house, one of our favorite things to do is to always eat dinner together. It is something both my husband and I feel strongly about. It is something that I have seen isn’t as common as it used to be. 

When Poppy was about a week shy of 4 months old, she started to express interest in our food. This time around I really wanted to try baby led weaning, but read not to introduce it until after 6 months (usually after first teeth pop out). Poppy would scream at us as we were eating so we decided to try purees (organic pouches and home made baby food) to start. 

**Introduce 1 food at a time for 3 days before starting a new one (allergy reasons).**

She loved it! 

At her 4 month check up, her pediatrician said she may start wanting foods and that it was ok to start once she does. I explained to her how she already started the purees and she said, “oh great keep going!” 

**We started with purees just at dinner time. Then added breakfast purees in about 3-4 weeks later.**

Some doctors say to wait until a certain age. Every doctor is different, every parent is different, and every child is different. That is why I (choose to) go by instinct. 

We stuck with the purees until she was about 6 months old. Then we slowly started introducing her to more solid foods. Obviously they had to be soft enough for her to mash up with her gums.

At her 6 month appointment her pediatrician said the only food she cannot have is honey. Honey is something you aren’t supposed to start until after they are 1 year old (again, allergy reasons).

For the next 2 months we would slowly introduce more solids. By 8 months she started refusing purees  (other than applesauce/fruits). I tried to make sure she was still getting 1 puree a day because it helps keep the poop soft (constipation in babies is a nightmare). 

At her 9 month check up, her doctor mentioned she may start refusing to eat purees. I explained she already had and she told us to keep going with what we were doing.

Now we are on more of a routine and she eats 3 meals a day, plus bottles, and sometimes 1-2 snacks. 

Poppy still doesn’t have any teeth, so we still have to find/make things that are soft enough to mash. So, what exactly does my nearly 10 month old eat?

Breakfast (followed by a 4-6oz bottle)

1 Banana 


1 pancake or 4 mini waffles (no syrup)


1 applesauce pouch 

Or scrambled eggs

Lunch (followed by 4-6oz bottle)

Sugar free fruit cup, Mac and cheese (she likes Annie’s white cheddar shells) 

Peanut butter and jelly  (half sandwich smashed with rolling pin and cut into small pieces)

Left overs from dinner the night before

Whatever we are eating


We try to make meals that she can have too. That way she gets used to eating what we do and not making her special meals. Sometimes, if we are having something spicy or something we know she cannot have, we will get her a baby Gerber meal or make her chicken nuggets, a veggie, and a grain. She also will get juice or water with dinner.

One meal she really likes is tuna noodle casserole (click here for recipe link).

She isn’t very picky though, I suppose so far that makes our job easy. She will not eat avocados anymore, but everything else she will eat. She is a food lover. Yes, she even eats meat with no teeth.

She gets a 6-8oz bottle before bed. 

I feel like it took us awhile to get into a routine of consistency. Now that we have it makes meal planning and bed time a lot easier. 

I should also add, that we don’t spoon feed her anymore. Around 6 months we stopped and just let her feed herself. I think it helps teach them to be self reliant. We do offer her a spoon at each meal so that she eventually learns to use it. 

What stage is your baby in? Are they a food lover like mine? What are their favorite foods?


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      1. It’s amazing how you manage to keep a whole website running in parallel. I remember the time of my nephew, my sister used to have her hands full to get anything else done. Your efforts are really commendable.

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      2. Thank you so much! I think we got use to it when I was in school full time. I spent hours on the computer doing school work. I’m glad that’s over! Now, I can keep up with my blog from my phone on the WordPress app, which makes it really nice! Usually, I write when everyone is asleep because you’re right, during the day it’s a constant go go go.

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