Let’s Go Fly A Kite

With Fall in full swing, so is the Fall weather; 50 degrees with 15mph winds. 

Pickle was out of school yesterday, but I had been planning on going to this local event called the storybook walk. It is where you read a book and go on a scavenger hunt at the same time. I thought it sounded fun; something different and free. However, later on in the afternoon, he decided instead of going on the walk he wanted to go try and fly his kite. 

I try to let him make many decisions for himself; what he finds exciting verses what I do differs sometimes (which I am totally cool with). So, we got dressed and headed out. 

Luckily, we live within walking distance of a baseball field complex. We went there and Chris started assembling the kite. I didn’t realize this kite was inflatable. I hadn’t seen a kite like that before. 

Poppy and I played in the grass. Well, I should say she just tried to eat the grass like a rabbit. She is very curious and loves being outside. 

Chris and Pickle went to try and get the kite to fly. It didn’t take much effort with the wind blowing like it was. Pickle was so excited to see it soar!

Then Chris handed him the reins. 

Though I still am trying to beat this cold, I knew he needed to go burn off some energy. He was running all over the place. 

Eventually, the kite came crashing down and popped. He decided to play chase with Chris while Poppy and I continued to explore the grass. 

It was fun just to play, even though I can’t breathe out of my nose. Sometimes we just make those sacrifices for our kids, even our own health. I would do anything for them. They’re my life. 

Have you flown a kite lately?


**Note- the kite was a Transformers BumbleBee kite.**

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