The Pumpkin Patch

Well, let me start by saying I had intended on having a ton of pictures put into this post, but I was too wrapped up in the moment to pull out my phone. So, I guess my writing and a few pictures my mom took will have to suffice.

Every year since I can remember, Vala’s Pumpkin Patch has been a fall family tradition. I think we started going to Vala’s when I was about 7 years old or so. It has grown a lot since then, as have I (obviously). It has grown so much that now there are shuttles to take you to and from your parking spot. 

Although Vala’s is all things Halloween, it is geared more towards the kids so it isn’t scary. They have “haunted” houses (no real people) to walk through, a story book barn, and a pumpkin eating dragon, named Xander.  

Photo credit to my mom

Since 2001, they have been keeping all of the used pacifiers that they find on a string. There are currently almost 500!

Photo credit to my mom

They also have live shows with magicians, musicians, and a pig race. 

There is an animal feeding area with goats, a camel, donkies, and alpaca. You can buy food to feed them and pet some of them. The goats are like vultures when it comes to food. They followed us from one side of the pen to the other.

Pickle feeding a goat. Photo credit to my mom
Photo credit to my mom

There is a plethora of things to do; a funny graveyard, hayrack ride (to find your perfect pumpkin), apple picking, a train, pumpkin mine, several bike/pedal cars to ride on, a countless number of places to eat home made food (turkey legs, kettle corn, anything sweet, and chili, just to name a few), slushy stations, giant pillows to jump on, firepit areas you can rent out, and so many attractions in between. You have to plan on spending the entire day there to see everything. It is a lot of walking, but so worth it!

Needless to say, both kids were out within minutes of getting back into the van. Energy well spent! Cross that off of our 2017 Fall Bucket List

I love these family traditions that have carried on into my adulthood and onto my family. I can only imagine what it will be like if someday I am there with my grandkids (crazy to think about). Though, I am not rushing to get there because it is going fast enough as it is.


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