Home Sweet Home

Don’t get me wrong, I love my house.

I love it in the way that I have grown comfortable here.

I love it for the memories it has given me.

I love it for the location it is in.

It is a great house.

The problem is, we are slowly out growing this house.

There isn’t much storage space for the things we want to keep, but don’t want on display.

The eat in kitchen is not the best at accommodating 4 people, and even more so any guests.

Plus, if we are wanting to expand our family any further, we are going to need some more space.

Then I start to have doubts about moving.

I’m comfortable here, which took me a long time to get to (only because I am weird about new places/people). My neighborhood doesn’t have problems (unless you count the drunks on the corner). It is close to everything we need to be close to.

We are comfortable with the mortgage payment as it is. Having a bigger house means a bigger payment. Would I rather make this house work for a long time and have extra money for trips/experiences? 

As much as I am comfortable, I know we need to move on at some point. 

I know I want more kids. I know we need some more space, though not much more.

When you live in a place for so long you start to realize things that you would want to change. That is how we have created our next house wish list. 

We are going to start the process of selling and buying probably within the next year. I am hopeful that next summer we will be moving. We will see, though.


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