What Am I Reading?

Well, I haven’t actually started it yet, but I did just get a new book. 

I never really enjoyed reading until I reached adulthood. I struggled with comprehension for a very long time in my younger years, it made me feel too stressed to read. I would skim the books hoping it was sufficient to pass the worksheet, quiz, or class discussion.

I only could sit and read the things I was interested in. I enjoyed Greek mythology and Holocaust stories. I also really liked the books The Giver and The Outsiders. I think those were the only two books I was required to read that I actually enjoyed. I actually wound up finishing them before I was even suppose to. I just had to know what happened next!

I am still the same way now. I have to be interested in what it is I am reading. Once I am interested, I can’t stop.

One way that I have found interest in books is when a new movie is coming out, they play the trailers for them.  Usually, in the trailer, it will say based on so and so book. If I found the trailer to be intriguing then I will find the book. Two books I did that with are the books Paper Towns and Miss Peregrine‘s Home For Peculiar Children

The book was better.
I only have 2 of the series, but the books are better.

For the last month or so, I have been looking for something new to read. Nothing really had been jumping out at me. I was considering the book Dorothy Must Die, but just didnt (for no real reason). 


Awhile back, I wrote about the things I was watching. We finished the first season of Stranger Things. I decided to find something else to start. I kept watching Glee until I found something new. It took me finishing all 6 seasons of Glee, but I finally did.

I started watching the show Big Little Lies on HBOgo. I watched the whole thing in one night! I just had to know what happened! Then I saw that it was based on a book and I immediately knew I needed to find it. 


During our Sunday funday I managed to find it at the store we just happened to be at. I am curious to see how the show and book differ. I am also eager to know what happens to everyone. 

What book or books are you currently reading? How do you go about finding a new book? Let me know in the comments what your favorites are, maybe I will pick one of them next!


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9 replies to “What Am I Reading?

  1. I’m the same as you, I have to like what I am reading…and then I can’t put it down!
    I have a bunch of books waiting on me, but right now I am currently reading “House Full of Insects” by Hymn Herself…it’s an ebook on Amazon, about her many times in a psych ward. Since I’ve been “in” twice myself, it’s an interest of mine.
    I also recommend “White Oleander” by Janet Finch. I own a copy and have read it so many times it’s ridiculous, LOL.

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      1. The book I’m reading now is good so far. And my favorite book was a good book. It an urban street book just to let you know.

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