Sunday Funday?

Today (technically yesterday now that its 1226am) I had been waiting for my inspirational moment. The moment we bloggers cling to. The moment when a new idea comes to mind and we can get to writing. 

Today, that moment never came. 

Today was a productive day. I think I was so busy in trying to stay focused, that my ah-ha moment couldn’t happen. Though, my mind still tends to race about random things, it wasn’t anything I felt was worth creating an entire blog for. 

I thought about posting a decluttering tips blog, but I have seen a lot of those myself. 

Sometimes I feel like, though, that I don’t want to keep my audience waiting. I treasure each and every one of you. I really don’t think written words do justice to the amount of gratitude I feel when I see the number of views going up, the likes, and the comments you guys give me.  It helps me to keep going. So even if I didn’t have my epiphany today, today did still exist. Therefore, I must write it out. This time, there really isn’t a moral to the story.

So, what did we do today?

This morning, I woke up knowing we needed to go to my mom’s garage and get our few totes and random things out of there. The motivation took a while to kick in. I think we were out the door by 1015am. Coffee pit stop was needed.

We got to their garage, threw a couple of things away and loaded up the van with the rest. We also acquired a book shelf that we are going to change up. We reminisced for a bit, them came home.

Chris brought everything in to the living room. I went through all of it. In life we acquire so many things. I filled an entire toter with things that haven’t even been looked at in months. Yet, some of them were hard to let go of. Memories are attached to things. Memories that were forgotten until I saw these items again.

I had stopped myself for a break to research what else I can do with these things. I feel like I am poisoning the earth with all this garbage that is going to the landfill. It makes me sad. I recycle what we can. I sell or give away what we can. The rest has no place else to go. The landfill is like the home/cemetery for unwanted and lost things

Eventually, I had finished most of the consolidation of things. We headed out to the store quickly to return some film we bought for Pickle’s camera that didn’t fit. We found the right film, which wasn’t in stock 2 weeks ago. He will be excited when he comes home tomorrow. I also picked up a new book. 

We stopped by the Goodwill, looking for a VCR. No luck there. I called a thrift store, nope didn’t have any. Went in another thrift store, ding ding ding. We found a VCR DVD combo.  

Back home we went.

Back to the task we started. This time, the kids’ closet. It really is the only storage area we have in our house. Their closet is shared between their two rooms. It ends up being our cluster area of the things we want to keep, but don’t want on display 24/7. Things like baby items and toys. It really wasn’t that bad this time around. I spent some time cleaning toys with clorox wipes. 

Then I made dinner. Chicken, baked sweet potato, and baked russet potato. We ate.

I gave Poppy a bath, she had sweet potato in her eyebrow, hair, and down her legs. She also was tired and cranky by this point, but way too early for her to go to bed. The bath mostly calmed her down. I got her pajamas on and filed her nails down. 

Then I tested out the VCR by watching a home video of my first and second birthday, as well as my biological dad’s and my aunt’s birthday at my grandparent’s house. I always love watching home videos. Especially now that my grandparents both have passed. It also makes me want to record more of our life now, to look back on later.

After that video was done, I decided to put on an old Halloween movie that I watched when I was little, Double Double Toil and Trouble. Yes, it is Mary Kate and Ashley. 

Poppy, has been having a rough night. I wonder if she is teething. She just keeps waking up and tossing around. 

I’m currently laying half way off the bed, she’s in a weird position. Which doesn’t help my already agitated back ( I think I am still trying to recover from that mattress in the cabin).

So, that’s what I did today. Not sure it is exactly considered a Sunday Funday, but it was cleansing, so that is good. 

Saying author unknown

Oh, and it finally stopped raining and we are enjoying the fresh air coming in through the windows!

How was your Sunday? Do you find yourself in the decluttering mood?


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