Get Off Your High Horse

I think it’s safe to say we all know someone who thinks they are the cat’s meow. 

They believe that they are better than anyone and everyone. Sure, there is nothing wrong with thinking so highly of yourself, but the truth is neither me or you are better than each other. We all have our faults and imperfections. Some are better at hiding it than others, but does that make us good people? 

Humans are stupid. Everything is a freaking competition. Who has a better car. Who has a bigger house. Who has the best clothes. Who has the perfect body. Who has the perfect relationship. Who has the perfect everything. 

The answer.

No one.

We are all to damn selfish, thinking we are more valuable than the stranger sitting next to us. That what is in our own heads matters more than the people around us. 

As an individual, I get it. We only have our one life to live, why wouldn’t I want to protect it?

As a species, we are failing. We are failing each other, every single day, with our selfish tendencies. We are failing our planet, every day, with our garbage, pollution, drilling, and everything else that makes our lives seemingly easier. 

So while you can sit there and believe that you are the most valuable person on the planet, I am going to continue knowing that I am not. Nobody is.

If we all could just get down off our pedestals, we may find our world in a better place. 


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