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Today we are heading out for a family camping (in a cabin) trip for the weekend. By family, I mean me, Chris, the kids, my mom, stepdad, 2 of my siblings, my nephew, my uncle, my aunt, 4 of my cousins, my cousin in law, and my cousin’s baby. 

This is the first time, since my parents divorce, that we have done something like this. My childhood is filled with memories of going camping with my uncle and cousins. I am excited for our children to share similar memories. 

I decided that during this trip I am not going to have my phone. We are bringing our digital camera for memories sake. I won’t be posting or browsing the interwebs while we are there for the weekend.

I think it is important to unplug sometimes. Technology has become such a big part of our everyday lives, that we sometimes forget to look up and enjoy the company and scenery around us. What does it teach our kids when we are glued to our phones?

In an effort to be more present, I will shut my phone off. I plan on absorbing the scenery, the sounds, smells, the laughter, the fun, the adventure, and family time.  

I keep picturing life as it is in the movie Wall-E. We are too absorbed into technology, that we are all obese people floating around on chairs, doing nothing but eating and watching television. 


I know I don’t want to end up that way. What about you? Do you unplug?




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