What Am I Watching?

It is 11pm and everyone is asleep. I could try to sleep too, but sleep doesn’t come so easily for me. Not only that, but did you read what I said? EVERYONE IS ASLEEP. Everyone.

11pm is my time. I get to control what is on the t.v.. After watching Ryan’s Toys Reviews a million times a day, followed by Rescue Bots, all things Legos, and the same 3 movies over and over, it is my turn. 

Chris gets mad when I (we) start a new show, that we both get into, and then I stay up watching it without him. We are currently watching Stranger Things. It is highly creepy, but highly addicting! This time, I have decided not to be selfish and only watch it when he is awake.

While he is sleeping, I usually try to find new things to watch. Usually, it is chick flicks that I know he won’t want to watch (though he doesn’t complain if we do). 

Recently I watched the first season of The Good Place. I enjoyed it and  am looking forward to the next season. 

I rewatched Grey’s Anatomy. I love that show. I love the drama, the love triangles, watching the stories of the patients unfold, and the blood and guts. It never gets old.

I recently started rewatching Glee. Part of me is living vicariously through the kids. I wish I would have pursued something like that in high school. It is funny watching the teenage drama now, as an adult who has been through it. 

I have been thinking I want to rewatch The New Girl again. I would say that is one of my favorite shows. Jess reminds me a lot of myself, quirky. It is highly entertaining to watch her and all the other people. If I were to drink, I think I would be totally down for True American. All day son, all day!

I am currently awaiting the new season of Once Upon A Time to start in a couple of weeks. I am a Disney Lover! I think it is cool how they have intertwined all these stories together. I am interested to see how they take it now that some of the main characters won’t be in it anymore (spoiler alert for those who didn’t know). Besides, who can resist Killian? 

What are you watching currently? I am always up for suggestions.


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