Attitude Adjustment Needed 

People always talk about the terrible two’s. In my old blog, which no longer exists thanks to that website, I talked about parenting a “three-nager”. Yes, it is exactly what it sounds like, a three year old with the attitude of a teenager.

I thought we were finally getting a grasp on Pickle’s attitude. He turned four over the summer and while he still had his moments, he was doing a lot better.

Then he started preschool. It is like he has forgotten everything we have taught him. We are having to go through it all over again. Except now, his attitude is much worse. 

Sometimes it feels like I am dealing with a 16 year old. He is only 4. What are the kids at school teaching him!? What has he seen in the last month of being at school, that would cause such a drastic change? Even more so, why does he feel his new behavior is even close to acceptable? 

I know we will get through this, just as we have gotten through the last adjustments, but holy guacamole Batman. 

Terrible two’s? ✔

Threenager phase? ✔

Preschool Attitude Adjustment? Work in progress. 


3 replies to “Attitude Adjustment Needed 

    1. Yeah my previous blog, technically 2 websites before I joined WordPress. The site crashed without warning or time to save all of my posts.
      All we can do is keep going. Parenting is difficult, but I am determined. It was just an unexpected rewind.


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