The Fitting Room

Being a tall woman has its perks. Trying to find clothes that fit, is not one of them. 

I love clothes. If I had more money, I would be buying new, unnecessary clothes, all of the time. The problem I have is finding clothes in my style, in a decent price range, that fit my body type. No, this time I am not referring to my fat gut. 

I have a long torso. This means, that most average size clothes are way too short for me. I have to find short dresses to accommodate as a shirt that fits. Not many stores have a tall women’s section. 

A couple of weeks ago we were at Target. I have been in need of an updated wardrobe for a few years. Most of the clothes I have are maternity, old, or things that don’t fit my new shape (2 kids does that to ya). 

Anywho, we were at Target and I was browsing their selection. The first thing I ran into was the current styles. I personally don’t really like graphics on shirts unless they are something I like -a band shirt. I also dont like things that look too gawdy -like way too many rhinestones or bedazzling. 

A lot of the things that are trending right now are heavily embroidered items. Don’t get me wrong, I like some embroidery, but I don’t want to look like I am wearing part of a rug.

Since a lot of the items in stock right now are graphics, bedazzled, and embroidered I had a difficult time finding things in my taste. Finally I came across a shirt that I liked. It was green with some gold embroidering on just the top neckline. On the hanger it looked rather long, so I thought, “yes this will fit!”

Whenever I find something that I like, in my size, and if it’s a good price, I have to buy it. They are like rare finds for me. I am usually really good at judging the length of shirts so that I don’t have to try it on.

Does anyone else HATE trying on clothes in the dressing room? I always feel awkward undressing in there. Maybe I have seen too many hidden camera news stories, I don’t know. I usually opt out of trying things on. 

We get home, I remove the tags, and add the new shirt to the laundry pile (I always wash new clothes before wearing – thanks to an ER show). A few days later, I decide to wear the shirt. 

Unfortunately, to my surprise, it was too short!! The part that was suppose to cover my hips, barely covered my belly button. Of course, this wasn’t the first time this has happened. Which is why I don’t go clothes shopping often. 

It’s a frustrating process for me. I decided I need to start looking at other stores and being okay with spending a little bit more than I am use to. Though, I still will look for the deals.

I also have decided (ok, my husband did) that I have to try clothes on before buying them. Yes, it seems silly, like “duh Jenn, that’s why they invented the fitting room..” I know, I know. Lesson learned.


6 replies to “The Fitting Room

  1. “The part that was suppose to cover my hips, barely covered my belly button.” That’s incredibly tall of you. How tall exactly are you? Anyway since you’re not the average body type, it becomes even more important for you to try clothes for fitting before trying. A lesson well learnt.

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