That horizon line

One of my favorite places to be is the open road.

 I love it when I am somewhere and I can see for miles and miles. Usually, it is the country roads, that have far less traffic, that suit my fancy. I feel so small when I can see so far.

We live on this planet, which to us, seems huge. When we scale down from our perspective, we can feel how small we really are. I mean, think about it. 

I am one person. I take up as much space as I am tall and wide. My house is bigger than I am. It takes up more space. The city I live in, is even bigger. By time we draw it out to our planet, we feel so small. 

What is even crazier seeming, is that our planet is not even that big in comparison to other planets. Those other planets are not as big in comparison to galaxies. Those galaxies are puny in comparison to the entire universe. 

Like I said, we are so small.

It is fascinating that I, one, technically, minuscule human, am living on this, technically, small planet, in this monstrous sized universe. 

That horizon line, gets me every time. 


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