Take Me Out To The Ball Game

I am not a big sports person. I actually do not care much for sports in general. In order for me to be into it, I have to be there at the game.

 I like absorbing the atmosphere around me. I like being a part of a giant crowd wave. There is also something different about hot dogs that you get at a sporting event (they always taste better). 

Baseball was once considered “America’s sport”. I’m not sure if that  still holds true today. 

I remember going to baseball games with my grandpa. He was always supporting the Baltimore Orioles (he was raised in Maryland). I remember going to Rosenblatt Stadium, hoping to catch a ball. I vaguely remember my grandma getting hit by a baseball once. It is funny how you can remember some things. It is also interesting how memories can be triggered by something.

Chris wound up getting free tickets, at work, for a baseball game. We wound up going with the kids, my older brother, and our really good friend. 
It was 90 degrees (real feel 93) and clear skies here today, with 46% humidity. Hot to say the least. I was preparing my mind for the heat.

Luckily, the game didn’t start until 7pm. There was a slight breeze, which made it comfortable enough to be outside. 

When we first got to the field, we decided to walk around. They have an area for kids to play in including a couple inflatables, a carousel, and a shaded playground (all costs extra). Pickle went on all of inflatables and playground, he loved it. Chris then took Poppy and Pickle on the carousel. He must have picked the only two horses on there that did not move up and down. It was pretty funny watching him sit on the horse though. 

I then decided that we should get ice cream and find our seats. My ice cream came in a little blue helmet. I forgot to get a picture of it (oops). Pickle got an ice cream cone and of course it was instantaneously melting all over him as we walked to our seats, on the other side of the field. 

We finally found our section and paused while the national anthem played. I always get emotional during that song. We proceeded to our seats and sat down. 

The game itself,  was fairly good, from the parts that I actually did watch. I was more interested in the entertainment over the loud speaker and on the sides of the field. “Everybody clap your hands” came on and everybody would be clapping along. Certain tunes would play, to which the crowd yells things like  “CHARGE”. 

They had people go around the field on a golf cart with a tee shirt cannon. Pickle waved his arms around, but it went way over our heads. He was upset. 

The guys sitting behind us kept talking to Poppy. One of them, I kept overhearing, talking about how he is having a baby in November. Poppy has been the complete opposite of Pickle. She will smile for anybody. She even started reaching out for the guys sitting behind us. 

At one point, the entertainment people were having a contest. One side of the field against the other side. Whoever sang the loudest, wins. We didn’t hear the contest being announced and I was singing along with the song, “Piano Man” until I realised what was going on. Then it was our sides turn. The guys behind us had made a deal with the guy handing out tee shirts that if he was yelling the song, he would give him one. So the guy is yelling the song, as are the rest of us, “two tickets to paradise”. They said our side won, so the guy behind us did get his tee shirt. He immediately handed it to Pickle and said, “that’s for you buddy!” 

It is so nice that there are people still like that out there. Caring about others before themselves. I am a sap and got a little emotional over his kindness. I asked Pickle if he was happy now and he shook his head yes with a smile on his face. It was a great experience.

There was also a newlywed contest. They had two newly married couples, one on each side of the field. The wife had to run carrying a balloon and pop it in her husband, in specific spots. After she popped each balloon, she had to run back to get the next one and run back to him. The first one was on his chest like a chest bump. The second one, he had to sit in a chair and she had to pop it in his lap. The girl on our side of the field jumped onto the balloon, legs wrapped around the man, to pop it. It was so funny! The last balloon, the man had to lay on the ground and the woman had to, belly flop onto him. I was laughing so hard.

We did not get to stay for the last 2 innings because Poppy was getting cranky. We decided to leave early. 

It was a great evening, even though I’m not a sports person. I think Pickle is showing an interest in baseball now, too. Perhaps we will look into tball for him. 


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