You Have To Keep Going

How is it we can lose motivation for the things we want? 

In particular, I am referring to self image. I have struggled with my self image for, what seems like, forever.  Even more specifically, I have struggled with my weight. 

I am not afraid to talk about my weight. It is not a secret. 

What I don’t understand is why it is so hard to remain in control. Why is it so difficult to be self disciplined enough to get where I want to be.

I can do so well, but I always wind up having setbacks. Whether that be sugary treats, splurging on comfort foods (Mac and cheese), or being lazy, I can never make a permanent change.

The thing of it is though, I can’t let those setbacks keep me from getting where I want and need to be. It’s like taking a minor detour, but still making sure you come back to route. While it may take extra time to get there, as long as I keep getting back on track, eventually, I will be there.

Don’t give up on yourself just because you have a setback. Get back on your route and keep going! You deserve to be where you want to be and only you can get yourself there. 

Be kind to yourself. Keep pressing on.


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