The Miracle About Writing

When I have had a rough day and don’t feel like talking to anyone, I write. When I feel all alone with my thoughts, I write. When something makes my heart happy, I write about it. There is something miraculous about writing. 

Sometimes I have a hard time articulating my thoughts in order for people to understand me. I always say, if you could be in my head you would maybe understand. Writing does that for me. It puts into words the things that I think and feel. 

Of course the idea that started this was to reach those who, like myself, feel too much. To reach those who have a hard time expressing how they think or feel. What you don’t get to see is what happens after I hit the publish button.

When I write, it’s because something is weighing on me. Whether good or bad, it is something, I feel, I need to get out. Sometimes when I’m writing I am crying. Sometimes when I write, I tune out the noise in the room. Sometimes when I write, I am smiling at each word that is typed. 

Every time I write, a piece of me is put into a page. I go back and read what I have written and I begin to feel things. 

I will feel, first off, accomplished for getting something done. I will feel eager as I keep checking to see how many views a post gets as well as where they are viewing from. I feel refreshed like a burden has been lifted off of me and I can finally feel at peace. 

Like I said, writing is a miraculous thing.

I encourage everyone to write. Even if you don’t want to share with the world as I have chosen to. Write for yourself. Write your heartache. Write your happiness. Write everything that makes you feel like exploding with feelings of sorrow, joy, and everything in between. 

Just write.

When you are done writing, store it somewhere. Whether typed or written. Save it for a day when you need to look back. Look back on the time you felt awful so that you can see how far you’ve come since then. Write about the good things so you can remember how good you felt and can bring those feelings back to you just by reading it again. 

Just write.


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