It’s What I Love About Sunday’s 

Ah yes, Sunday. Sunday is bitter sweet. It’s the end of a weekend, for “most” people. Which means back to work Monday. 

For me, Sunday is the day I get to sleep the most consecutive hours. Chris takes the kids and let’s me sleep, so long as there aren’t morning plans. Mornings are not rushed and it’s truly relaxing for me. 

I, usually, get time to myself to feel decent in my appearance. I don’t have kids screaming at me while trying to get ready. It makes for a great way to start my day.

Though these things are all really nice, Sunday’s have become my favorite day of the week for another reason. 

Most Sunday’s we go to Chris’ parents house. I know not a lot of people are lucky in the in-laws department, but I sure hit the jackpot with mine. One of my most favorite things is seeing the joy that my children bring them. I love watching their bonds grow. I love seeing how they interact. More so, I love seeing how my children enjoy being with them. I love how they never say no to spending time with the kids; doing puzzles, reading a book, playing legos, or playing outside (plus much more). 

I love seeing Chris’ grandma. I love seeing her face light up when she sees the kids. I love how she spoils them, always making sure they get sweet treats. She is a very sweet and loving woman. I love having conversations with her.

I love our Sunday family dinners. Of course the food is always good, but the company is even better. Our conversations are never dull and usually filled with plenty of laughter. It’s the way a family should be. 

In a lot of ways, it reminds me of my grandparents growing up. Knowing my kids will have these treasured memories with them, just as much as they will treasure the moments with my kids, makes my heart happy. 

Family is where it is at.


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