Blast From My Past (part 3)

Apparently I wrote a lot of things and kept them over the years. Which is highly entertaining and somewhat sad to read. I often wonder what the heck my teacher thought of all these depressing things that I wrote. Hmm. 

This was actually a song that I wrote in math class. The reason I know this is because it says “artist/band= when math class sucks.” This one I find particularly funny because, although it’s a bit gross, I can still hear how it sounded in my head even after 10+ years. I imagine it being a song that slipknot would sing. Could you imagine COREY TAYLOR singing something I wrote? I think I would die ha-ha. Without further ado..


Rip it off

Let it bleed

Take all that’s inside of me

The sting that lingers 

Inside my skin 

Rip it off 

And let’s begin 


Just take a bit 

A little tear

Get it off me

I don’t care

I won’t flinch

Take my scab

And eat it bitch!!!

Now here I am

Going insane

Wanting to rid off this pain

I’d rather bleed

Then let it linger

Come on now

Just one finger 


This scab upon my arm

Is causing me some serious harm

I want it gone

Right here, right now

Take it off me

I don’t care how

(Chorus 2 times)

Just peel it off


Shoot it off

I promise I won’t flinch

Just rip it off 

And eat it bitch!!!




(Scream noise)



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