Blast From My Past (part 2)

Continuing from Part One of my findings, this is another poem I wrote, probably 12 years ago. At the time I wrote this, I did not know what slam poetry was, but every time I think of slam poetry now, this poem comes to mind.

The Voices

The chitter chatter,

Of the people,

Who mumble and jumble,

And do crazy things inside my head.

They bang pots, 


The annoying,

And uncontrollable mocking laughter,

Never at all does it want to end.

BING! Like church bells,

And on comes a migraine.

It’s like now,

When I go insane.

Only the pitter patter of the rain,

Helps it to stop.

The chitter chattering, mumbling, pot banging,

Clingity clang slacking, annoying lockable laughter,

Ringing of church bells,


That are inside my head.


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