Tips For Getting Out Of A Funk

Do you ever just go through one of those phases where you just feel down for no real reason? I know I do. Sometimes these phases last a short amount of time and sometimes they can last a long period of time. I call it, being in a funk. I’m sure some of you have heard this term before. 

Being in a funk can make you feel a multitude of things. Usually negative emotions are associated with being in a funk. If I am being honest, which I always am, I have Googled ways to get out of a funk, but the answers I found didn’t resonate with me. People like to use religious beliefs and rituals as their ways to get out of a funk. Which is totally fine for those people, but not necessarily for me.

I thought I would share some of the tips that have helped me that are not religiously affiliated. I will list as many as I can think of, but please let me know if you have anything that is not listed here 😀.

  1. Music – Music has always been an irresistible thing for me. When I am feeling down or moody I put music on, whatever suits my mood, and in most cases I feel better instantaneously. I like all genres, but usually resort to “oldies” or more edgier rock music. Related to music is singing. Singing, I say, is in my blood. It is one of my life passions. When I sing it’s like I feel the problem(s) coming out of my pores.
  2. Sleep – It may not be the best option for every situation, but sleeping always makes me feel better. Whether it’s a short nap or several hours. Sleep is gold.
  3. Getting outdoors – Fresh air is always stress relieving. Especially when it’s nice weather outside and you have some kind of scenery to enjoy.
  4. Bath/Shower – Yes I am one of those women that loves hot showers or baths. They are relaxing, especially in the dark or with minimal lighting. Depending on my mood I will play music or sit in the quiet. 
  5. Pen and Paper – Writing, doodling, or drawing are creative ways to get out of a funk. Sometimes my best work comes from these funky times. There are no limits. You could even go as far as to find a writing prompt and write about whatever that prompt is. It’s your interpretation. You may surprise yourself.
  6. Hugs – It may seem silly to some people, but sometimes a simple hug can help lift your mood. You could hug your partner, your child, a friend, relative, or your pet. If all else fails, hug a pillow. 
  7. Exercise – I enjoy going to the gym when I can. It helps me get out any aggression that I might be feeling. You can do things at home if you want to, though. 
  8. Talking – I’m not going to lie. Usually when I am in a funk, the last thing I want is to talk to someone. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t help someone else though. It is helpful for me, to talk, when the reason I am in a funk pertains to someone. I take the problem to them directly and come to a resolution. 
  9. Do something you enjoy – It really can be anything. I like painting my toe nails, singing with my karaoke machine, doing puzzles or board games, dancing, cooking, or making crafts.
  10. Deep cleaning – Perhaps I am strange and find deep cleaning therapeutic, but I do. Having things clean makes me feel relieved. Scrub your tub or shower. Wash the walls. Clean all your appliances. Find a checklist on Pinterest and finish it. 
  11. T.V./Movie – I think this one is self explanatory. Watch something that you enjoy. 
  12. Read – Read a book, magazine, blogs, or random articles online. The options are endless here. 
  13. Goal setting – Set a new goal for yourself. An example, a few months ago I made the goal to start sleeping without the TV on. It took awhile, but now I can sleep with it off. Which, for me is a big deal. I have been sleeping with the TV on for the last 15 years.
  14. Put technology down – Sometimes a funk can be caused by too much technology. Unplug and take some time away from your phone, computer, or tablet. 

I hope this post helps you to *defunk* yourself. 


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