His love for music

From a very young age, our son has expressed interest in music. Singing twinkle twinkle little star on repeat was the only thing to really calm him down when he was a baby. Movies, with music in them, really caught his attention. For the longest time, those were the only movies he would watch. The movie Frozen was like his first big one.

I am a huge music person. I often wondered what kinds of music my kids would like as they got older. My husband and I like a wide range of music genres. Honestly, there is not one genre we don’t like. Sure, we do have our favorites, but would that predetermine what our kids listen to?

My hope is that our kids have versatile taste and keep an open mind for new things, as well as old. I personally LOVE old music. We went to Graceland last year. If you show Pickle a picture of Elvis he will know who he is. I’m not going to lie, that makes my heart happy.

Once Pickle finally graduated from Super simple songs on YouTube, he started taking a big interest in music. He likes mature music, for his age. The first song, I think, he learned was Jason Derulo’s “want to want me”.


At some point he really started to focus on Rob Zombie. I think it was after Chris bought me the newest CD for mother’s day and we happened to listen to it a lot in the van. For several months, he would request to hear his favorite song. Which was “the hideous exhibitions of a dedicated gore whore”. Of course he doesn’t understand the lyrics, yet. Then he found two more songs on the CD and pretty much still has stuck to those 2. One being, “the life and times of a teenage rock god” and “get your boots on! Thats the end of rock and roll”.

Until Easter came around, when the Easter bunny brought him the Moana soundtrack. I swear we couldn’t go anywhere without listening to that CD for the first 2 months or so. Even now these are his go-to van cd’s.

Now, he has been expanding his horizons even more. He has become obsessed with Twenty One Pilots. He is constantly asking to play their songs on YouTube on the t.v., as well as his tablet, or our phones. I thought this would be a good time to add some new music to the van, so we bought one of their cd’s. It has been refreshing to hear something different!

He will ask for specific songs like “welcome to my house”, “just the two of us”, “seven years old”, “Geronimo”, the song where they get married “Rude”, and that dang baby shark song. He really enjoys “Mr. Roboto” And “Uptown funk”.

Maybe I am crazy, but I am excited to take him to his first concert. I’ve been keeping an eye on the band’s that he likes to see when they will be in our area. I think he will be completely fascinated whenever we can make that happen for him. I think he will become addicted to going.

It is exciting to see his own personality come to be. Especially when his taste in things is the same as ours. More so, when it’s completely opposite of ours and we learn something new from him.

I am proud to be this boys mom, no doubt.



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