Dear Chester.


I know the struggle all too well. When your thoughts make it feel like you are trapped in hell.

You feel so trapped and all alone in the gloom. When even more thoughts try to take over you.

Sometimes those thoughts can be disregarded by reality. More often times though, those thoughts feel like reality.

It consumes your being and your thoughts fill the room. All of a sudden the darkness consumes you.

Then you find your saving grace. Words so strong that you can relate. The music plays and it revives your soul.

To know your not alone with the thoughts inside your head. Just enough words for you to realize you’re not better off dead.

Coming from a man who struggled with himself. He helped save so many by just being himself.

Chester is his name. He was the singer for Linkin Park. His words and feelings brought me out of the dark.

His voice cleared my thoughts and emptied the darkness in the room. For those 3 minutes I wasn’t so alone in my doom.

Thank you Chester, for being so real. Even when you felt like you had nothing left to feel.

Although you’re gone, your voice continues to play. To keep saving others from the darkness they feel today.



Much love,



2 replies to “Dear Chester.

  1. I was thinking how important it is to let others know you care and communicate appreciation to them for the good things they bring to you. Always thank those who have been loyal done you a good turn etc. At least when our time is up here we can leave know in we did touch someone positively.Leave out the rest.RIP very loved human artist spiritual guide.I will always listen to Lincoln park. Blessings to family and the band and all your beautiful close friends.


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