From The Non-Millennial, Millennial 

I can handle criticism. In fact, I admire productive critcism.

The thing is though, I am constantly being told my generation sucks because we are a bunch of entitled, lazy, and problematic people.

I am over here shaking my head at all of these things because I do not fit the description.

Yes, technically speaking I am a part of this generation as I was born in 1989. Yes, there are certain aspects I can identify with; such as politics and religion that “fit” this stupid categorization of a ton of people.

Yes, I do live in this social media driven world, but I know I can stop if I want to. However, for the most part, this millennial definition, that someone created, does not define me.

I didn’t participate in extra curricular activities where I was given a trophy or medal just for showing up.

I don’t believe the world owes me anything. I have worked for everything I have and have been ever since I was legally able. I don’t rely on anyone to take care of myself.

Yes, in my school aged years teachers were constantly telling us our generation was going to change the world. I think I remember them saying there were so many of us, we could do anything. I didn’t take that as a confidence booster. Honestly, I didn’t believe them. 

Millennials are said to be overly confident in themselves and of our country. While I do love my country, I am not at all confident about it’s future. For instance, healthcare and equality are still major issues we are facing and I don’t have confidence that any of it will change any time soon. As for self confidence, I am confident that I don’t know what I am doing a majority of the time. However, I do the best I can with what I have and what I know.

I think we need to stop categorizing people with these ridiculous characteristics that don’t define everyone.

Yes I am a millennial because of my birth year, but it does not define me. Just as older generations get ticked off at the ageism that they face. It is no different for a lot of us younger generations facing similar prejudice and stereotypes.

Every generation will not be the same as the last. It is how society grows, hopefully improving with each one. Nobody gets to choose what year they are born and what kind of society they are born into. All we can do is be good people and hope that we aren’t leaving this world crappier than the way it was when we came in.




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